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Frequently asked questions

What is Be Personified Inc.?

Be Personified Inc. is a job board for brands and brand ambassadors.

What happens when I join the ambassador list?

When you join our ambassador list, we will send you weekly emails containing a list of open brand ambassador roles in your market.  

What kind of jobs does Be Personified share with its ambassadors?

We're picky about the jobs we share with our ambassadors! Jobs must meet the following criteria in order to be shared:

  • Paid in cash - no jobs paid in product discounts, "experience," or "exposure." 

  • Part-time

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Mobile - a.k.a. "in the field;" ongoing jobs must not require ambassadors to work from a single static location. For example, traditional sales jobs (such as store associates) are not considered brand ambassador jobs. Jobs that are not ongoing, such as event gigs, may be conducted in a single location.

Do you have to be a student to be an ambassador?

Not at all! However, some jobs do require ambassadors to be enrolled in a college or university.

What markets is Be Personified in?

What markets is Be Personified in?

Currently, we share jobs in Richmond, Virginia, and Hampton Roads/Norfolk/Virginia Beach. We plan to expand into more markets soon, and will share job information with ambassadors who mark themselves available for work in these markets.

How do I sign up to become an ambassador?

How do I sign up to become an ambassador?

Join our ambassador network by completing this form! It can be found on our "For Ambassadors" page.

How do I share a job with the ambassador network?

How do I share a job with the ambassador network?

Thanks for sharing! Please fill out this form to submit a job. It can be found on our "For Brands" page.

For further questions, please fill out the contact form below or email .